By Bernadette Noll of Slow Family Living


There are many events that call themselves Family Friendly and with great intention. They have kid booths and adult booths and it seems like there is something for everyone! And there is, just not always at the same time and place.

At the Austin Mini Maker Faire, there truly is something for all ages and often while sitting at the same table. At Austin Mini Maker Faire you won’t find yourself hovering above your child as they work on a kid craft. Rather you’ll be in the chair next to them working on your own thing. Maybe you’ll be soldering together or stitching up a cool lunch bag or working on a weaving or listening to the Walking Tree of Life as he discusses how he made that amazing costume of his. And when you’re engaged in an activity, your child will most likely be engaged too – in your project or a project of their own.

This Faire is truly multi-generational. You’ll find yourselves sitting down together – both of you equally enthralled and engaged in an activity. You’ll be glad when your kid wants to linger a little longer in the craft area. Your child will be psyched that you want to check out the drones for just a while more. And you’ll both be ecstatic by weekend’s end, that you learned something, tried something, discovered something, or made something together. Over and over and over again.



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