Geez!  It was a good one this year, wasn’t it?  We’re starting to go through some of the photos from our volunteer photographers… these are some fantastic ones from Eric McQuestion.  Love all the parents and children enjoying moments of happy absorption and high interest and engagement… this is not an event where parents sit around bored on the sidelines!  MiniMaker_McQ-7MiniMaker_McQ-6                 MiniMaker_McQ-149MiniMaker_McQ-15MiniMaker_McQ-23MiniMaker_McQ-26MiniMaker_McQ-31MiniMaker_McQ-34MiniMaker_McQ-35MiniMaker_McQ-37MiniMaker_McQ-41MiniMaker_McQ-63MiniMaker_McQ-73MiniMaker_McQ-76MiniMaker_McQ-111MiniMaker_McQ-114MiniMaker_McQ-118MiniMaker_McQ-122MiniMaker_McQ-141MiniMaker_McQ-145

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