Woodturning is a niche of the woodworking craft popular with people interested in making that might not have lots of time, tools or space. Projects from toys, containers, furniture and art can all be done on a lathe.

Our first accepted Maker is going to be demonstrating wood turning at the Faire!!

You should Apply as well. Look who is already coming to the Faire!

This years Maker Faire is coming together fast. We need more makers to join and show what you make, teach what you make, or present what you make! Here are some of the common reasons given for not applying:

  • “My project is not done” The Maker audience loves to see works in progress. Come set up and make it a work day!! You might even find some folks to sit down and Make with you.
  • “I don’t have time or money”  Individual non commercial makers show for free!! The faire is only one day this year, so a little time setting up Friday, and a fun time Saturday!!
  • “What I do is not very MakerIf you painted it, stitched it, programmed it, built it, altered it, repaired it, or even taught someone how to do it… IT IS MAKER. If you took it out of the box, and threw it away when it broke… NOT maker.  YOU ARE A MAKER!!
  • “I am just a kid” Kids come and show all the time!! Come and show in our NEW K-12 Student Maker Area. It is a place students can show projects and see the faire without committing to a larger booth. Or come get a full booth.
  • “The application is long” Did you know you can save and continue later! Start working on your application now!

Short story is: You should apply to show what you make at the Faire right now!!!

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