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New this year to Maker Faire Austin, Spectrum News presents “Project Weather” where you can learn about meteorology and weather preparedness. Meet Chief Meteorologist Burton Fitzsimmons and the Weather on the 1s experts. Activities include: opportunities to pose as a meteorologist in front of Spectrum News’s green screen forecast; flash flood simulator from the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department; wildfire simulator and fire drones from the Austin Fire Department; and hands-on activities by Girlstart.

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Announcing our new Student Maker Area!

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Are you are a maker in grade K-16. Then there is a new way to show your project at the Maker Faire! You can always apply for a full size booth. But, if you want something simpler try this. There is a separate area for K-16 students to show projects in a collaborative area. It is set up with tables, chairs, and power. So it is perfect for student Makers who are exhibiting a small project. And, if you just need a table or some floor space, but not an entire 10′ x 10′ booth, this is for you.

The application process is simpler. And each student Maker receives a 3′ x 3′ table or floor space, access to power, and an area to meet other student Makers. So by helping each other students in this area should be able to show their project and take breaks to see the rest of the Faire. Makers in the Student area get a free ticket, and 2 half price tickets to the faire. Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to the faire.

To apply start from the regular application process and select “Student Maker” for the first question. Then follow the instructions. You will need your parents permission and may need their help to sign up.

Click here to start the application!

Makey wants you


Do you know an educator?

The Maker Education Regional Summit, organized by Austin Maker Educators and UTeach Maker with the support of Maker Faire Austin is the perfect place for Central Texas educators to learn more about and explore maker-centered learning.


The summit brings together a diverse cross-section of leaders in educational innovation to share expertise, resources, and experiences in leveraging the powerful ideas and tools of the Maker Movement in K-16 education.

This year’s event will feature hands-on workshops, demonstrations, round table discussions, and opportunities to network and connect with industry experts.


Who Should Attend: All educators, from novice to expert, who are passionate about providing authentic learning experiences for their students are invited!

Click here to for more information or to register.

Makey wants you



Woodturning is a niche of the woodworking craft popular with people interested in making that might not have lots of time, tools or space. Projects from toys, containers, furniture and art can all be done on a lathe.

Our first accepted Maker is going to be demonstrating wood turning at the Faire!!

You should Apply as well. Look who is already coming to the Faire!

This years Maker Faire is coming together fast. We need more makers to join and show what you make, teach what you make, or present what you make! Here are some of the common reasons given for not applying:

  • “My project is not done” The Maker audience loves to see works in progress. Come set up and make it a work day!! You might even find some folks to sit down and Make with you.
  • “I don’t have time or money”  Individual non commercial makers show for free!! The faire is only one day this year, so a little time setting up Friday, and a fun time Saturday!!
  • “What I do is not very MakerIf you painted it, stitched it, programmed it, built it, altered it, repaired it, or even taught someone how to do it… IT IS MAKER. If you took it out of the box, and threw it away when it broke… NOT maker.  YOU ARE A MAKER!!
  • “I am just a kid” Kids come and show all the time!! Come and show in our NEW K-12 Student Maker Area. It is a place students can show projects and see the faire without committing to a larger booth. Or come get a full booth.
  • “The application is long” Did you know you can save and continue later! Start working on your application now!

Short story is: You should apply to show what you make at the Faire right now!!!

The Maker Faire Austin pop up at the Bullock Texas State History museum was a resounding success! Thanks to all the Makers, volunteers, attendees, and especially the staff at the Bullock museum for their hospitality.  Everyone who followed the event on our Facebook saw some great videos, photos, and content. If you feel like you missed out on this event make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and following us on social media.  The biggest hit was by far the life sized Minecraft! It was followed closely by celebrity maker and long time Maker Faire Austin supporter Daniel G. Benes Science Shows!  Many thanks to argodesign, the Capitol Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Dadageek, Play-Well Tek, and the Pong to Pokemon: The Evolution of Electronic Gaming exhibit. You can check out the Makers that participated at the Here.

Crowd at the Maker Faire Austin Pop Up at the Bullock Texas State History Museum




maker faire austin augmented reality pong

Playing Augmented Reality Pong!

maker faire austin tiny marble mazes

Building tiny marble mazes

maker faire austin cardboard build gallery

Gallery of Cardboard Builds!


maker faire austin

Minecraft for all ages!!

maker faire austin life size minecraft

Life Size Minecrafting

Early Bird tickets are on sale until March 30th!  $9 for kids, $14 for adults.


Great time to snap up affordable tickets for your family, school group, scout troop, robotics club, or any other big group of folks who are smart enough to know that they NEVER want to miss out on Maker Faire Austin!

Calling all Makers, crafters, inventors, tech enthusiasts, educators, DIYers, and more!

Apply now to be part of the sixth annual Maker Faire Austin.

Space is limited, don’t delay.  It’s going to be a fantastic Faire and we want YOU there!


Come to our Maker Mixer!  Learn about Maker Faire Austin, Mingle with other Makers, find out what’s new for 2017.  Fun! Beer! Bring a friend.

 Friday Feb. 24th, 7-9 pm, South Austin Brewery.

Free, but please RSVP here

Come to our Maker Mixer!  Learn about Maker Faire Austin, Mingle with other Makers, find out what’s new for 2017.  Fun! Beer! Bring a friend.

 Friday Feb. 24th, 7-9 pm, South Austin Brewery.

Free, but please RSVP here.

Maker Faire Austin is putting on a happening on the East Austin Studio Tour at Govalle Elementary school.  Join us for a mini-mini-faire of fun for all ages.  Power Tool Drag Racing, a mega-marble-labyrinth maze, mini-marble-led-mazes you can build and take home, drones, Vertical wind tunnel by Maker Ready, and more!!

AUSTIN, TEXAS - MAY 7, 2016:  Power tools being raced at the 2016 Maker Faire in Austin, Texas.

AUSTIN, TEXAS - MAY 7, 2016: Children and adults interacting with 'Paint by RGB', an interactive art sculpture at the 2016 Maker Faire in Austin, Texas.

Maker Faire Austin is Hosting the Paint by RGB Wall at Due East.  Come enjoy this interactive installation and ALL of the amazing art at the official kick off and sponsorship party for the East Austin Studio Tour.


Also Join us at our happening at Govalle Elementary on Nov. 19th  and 20th!


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