Maker Faire Austin 2019 Exhibit Fees

Maker Faire Austin’s mission is to create a community celebration of hands-on learning, sharing and discovery. A DIY county fair for robots AND quilts.  We also want to inspire more people to make things! Listed below is our categories, fees, and booth types.

Show & Tell

Individual and Groups of Makers

Makers and Maker Spaces participating purely by sharing their project or knowledge and inspiring others to make ARE NOT asked to pay an exhibit fee. Maker Faire Austin provides these Makers with exhibit space, tables, chairs, power, etc., at no cost to the Maker. So apply now! There may be some fees for additional space or services, and these are either described in the application process, listed below, or handled on a case by case basis. Like renting a lift to put up a giant fire breathing robot, for example.


Show and Tell

Student Makers:

Student Makers can show small projects free of charge in a group area without committing to a full size booth. There is more information in the application so apply now!


Commercial Makers

We ask individuals and companies that would like to sell or market products or services to pay an exhibit fee. The Fee is based on the size and type of your organization, and your marketing intentions, and helps sustain the event. Categories are listed further down the page. See Below.

If you want to do more than just exhibit and support even more makers, become a partner or sponsor of the event. See our Sponsorship Page!



With food we are governed by our venue and contracts they have with outside vendors. It doesn’t mean don’t apply. Just know there may be rules and fees that apply to do this.



After certain deadlines our cost charged by the venue go up. Additional fees are charged for power ordered after April 15th, and extra tables, chairs, and other items ordered after April 20th. These fees apply to all exhibitors. We want our show and tell makers to know we are still paying for a portion of the cost. You will be invoiced via paypal and need to pay prior to receiving services. So go and apply now!


Standard Electricity: (8, 12, & 20 amp) after April 15th, $50 per circuit, After May 1st $120 per circuit.

Tables and Chairs: (cost per extra) after April 20th $5 each, After May 1st $10 each.

Sampling Food: Before 4/10/2019 $45


Market or Sell

An exhibit fee applies to Makers or organizations with marketing or sales intentions, such as the following:

  • Any exhibitor with marketing intentions
  • Exhibitors selling or promoting a commercial product or service
  • Tuition-based schools and paid educational programs or camps
  • Registered non-profits marketing their organization


Exhibit fees by Maker Type

Exhibit space is available in 10 x 10 blocks and include:

      • 10’ x 10’ floor space, open at least one side.
      • An 8’ table and 2 chairs.
      • Branded signage is limited up to 10 sq. ft. and can be no higher than 6 ft. tall. (If you want to really get your brand or message out there, see our Sponsors Page!)
      • A single 15amp power circuit is supplied if ordered before the deadline. (see above)
      • Upgrade to 20amps for $10, and 30amps for $25.
      • Additional Circuits: (8,15,20,30 amp) $75, $90, $100, $115 before the deadline. Contact us at for requests other than what is listed.
      • Additional Tables and Chairs: $10 each up to the Deadline.
      • Additional services from the venue can be requested in writing in the application.


  • Individual:                  $130 per 10 x 10
    • Individuals who would like to sell or market products or services. Includes 4 event entry passes for your booth or guests.


  • Startup:                       $500 per 10 x 10
    • Smaller startups in business for less than a year. Applies to For and Non-profit organizations. Includes 8 event entry passes for your booth or guests.


  • Corporate:                  $800 per 10 x 10
    •  Larger established organizations in business for more that a year. Applies to For and Non-profit organizations. Includes 15 event entry passes for your booth or guests. (Want to really get the word out. See our Sponsorship Page!)


  • Community Mission Based Non-Profits: $130 per 10 x 10
    • Non-profit Organizations that specifically help the Greater Austin community or parts of the community. (We are asking for your help in supporting the maker community. We evaluate this fee on a case by case basis when asked. If your organization cannot afford this fee, please continue to fill out the application, indicate you are a Non-Profit or Organization and provide us with details in the application form. We will take this into consideration while reviewing your application.)


  • Tuition based k-12 schools and programs: $75 per 10 x 10
    •  Private schools, after school programs and camps.


If you are unsure if you are a commercial maker or have a highly interactive commercial exhibit, please continue to fill out the application as “Unsure”  and give us as much detail about it as you can.

Accessible to all

Thank you to all those commercial makers and Sponsors. Paying these fees helps us sustain the ONLY event in Austin where Non-Commercial individuals and groups can show off what they make to the community free of charge.

We do not want an exhibit fee to prohibit Makers from participating in Maker Faire Austin. On occasion we are moved by certain Maker projects and will work on a case by case basis to find the appropriate exhibit fee to help bring your project to Maker Faire.