Maker Faire Austin, an annual venue for “makers” (engineers-to-artists) to showcase their hobbies, experiments, and projects, partnered with Experimental Civics, a global consultancy who creates spaces for people to experiment with ideas, to present the 2018 Disaster Relief hackathon.

Our Disaster Relief hackathon is a civic hackathon focused on finding solutions to the following 3 challenges focused on responsiveness, community aid, and supporting bandwidth.

Disaster Relief Hackathon May 4-6 Palmer Events Center

Experimental Civics is a global consultancy dedicated to elevating communities through their engagement with technology. We deliver civic hackathons and more!


Recharge Responsiveness

First responders are tasked with being responsive as possible during a disaster. Help us hack this challenge by finding ways for communities to better mark their safety to support tools for first responders on the scene.

Community in Crisis

Communities during a disaster need tools to help them with their at-home emergency tasks and with communicating to their broader network locally and abroad. Hack projects focused on helping community members.

Build the Bandwidth

Bandwidth for volunteers to first responders is critical during a diaster. Hack projects that help faster aid provisions from solar-power phone charger kits to long-term community rebuilding plans.



6 p.m. – Kickoff

7 p.m. – Hacking Starts

9:45 p.m. – Hacking Stops

10 p.m. – Building Closes

10 a.m. – Hackathon Orientation

10 a.m. – Hacking Starts

10 a.m. – Faire Opens

12 – 1 p.m. – Lunch

1-6 p.m. – Hacking

6 p.m. – Hacking Stops

8 p.m. – “Think by Making” Party (18+)

10 p.m. – Building Closes

10 a.m. – Hackathon Orientation

10 a.m. – Hacking Starts

12 p.m. – Challenge Reports

1:30 p.m. – Closing Remarks

2 p.m. – Hackathon Closes


What is a the Disaster Relief Hackathon?

A 3 day civic hackathon hosted by Maker Faire Austin and Experimental Civics. 2018 is our inaugural year!